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Thank you for visiting A Voice of Healing.  My name is Anita McDaniel and I am a Wellness Healer, Author, Educator, Speaker and Motivator.   I am the founder of A Voice of Healing, a health and wellness program and creator of Mentally Fit & Free Membership Group, and author of Your Escape Route to Emotional Freedom eating journal.  I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in English as well as a B.A. in Complementary and Alternative Health.  Anita McDaniel mandate is to help people who are dealing with over-indulgence on food, who cannot connect all areas of their lives together, who needs healing and deliverance, and who persistently eat the wrong kind of food but have a yearning to establish a healthy lifestyle.

I shaped A Voice of Healing out of my own struggles with food, and my passion to see others develop a healthy lifestyle.  I understand the emotional and spiritual components involved in overcoming unhealthy eating habits and the strength, courage and commitment it takes to leave the past behind.  My will is to empower others get on a path to a holistic healthy living.

With consistency, willpower, my faith in God, and perseverance, I was able to lose 80 lbs. and get my life back.  I also was able to break free from the power that food had on me.  

Learn how you can do it as well. Learn who heals you. Right here.  The right way.  If I can do it, anyone can!

I encourage you to take a look at yourself in the mirror.  Do you see any changes you are desiring in your life?  Invest in your wellness.  Invest in your future. Invest in yourself.  Our body is a temple, and we are responsible for treating it right.  There is no better time than now to develop healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle.

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