Types of Emotional Eaters

  1. The Bounty – eat when they are stressed, overwhelmed, or overloaded . They are diligent people
  2. The Anxiety – eat when they feel anxious, worried, tense, agitated, panic or nervous.
  3. The Tired – eat sugar and carb with when they are tired to energize themselves. They do not get enough sleep and it leads to stress.
  4. The Binger – eat a huge amount of food in a short amount of time with not control.
  5. The Lonely – crave little personal interaction or love. They often binge. They consume more fat and less regular meal times.
  6. The Bored – eat when they are bored
  7. The Unity – often called the influenced eater or people please. They may not want people to know they are trying to lose weight but have a hard time walking past food they don’t need to eat.
  8. The Deserver – eat because earned it.
  9. The Escaper – eat when they want to avoid thing about something, to numb, to procrastinate.

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