This is a safe place for women to come and learn how to roar. Many look at the male lion as the king of the jungle and overlook the lioness by his side. She doesn’t have the majestic mane, but she is a fierce hunter and protector of her family and tribe. She hunts with other lionesses because they are stronger together. Some of you may also relate to God meeting Daniel in the Lion’s Den.

I know what it is like to not have a roar (voice), to not like my roar, or for it to be so faint that it sounds like a whisper. I hid in the crowd and prayed that no one would notice. I knew there was more to me than others could see. I was more than just a wife, a mom, a sister, a friend, an employee. I had a purpose that could never be fulfilled if I didn’t open my mouth and ROAR!

The lioness roars with confidence and clarity. Her roar is heard for miles and stops the enemy in its tracks. I am teaming up with some of my sisters to bring you training sessions that will empower you to heal, provide educational value, and bring you to a place of clarity and confidence. It’s not that you don’t have a voice (1) You haven’t been given permission to use it (2) You don’t understand it, (3) You are afraid of the opinions of others or (4) You haven’t discovered it yet.


Do you have a vision board? Does it work for you or is it just pretty pictures on the wall?

Do you have a plan of execution consisting of S.M.A.R.T Goals?

Are you tired of your weight and/or emotions holding you back?

Do you promise yourself every year that this year will be different to no avail?

If you answered yes, to these questions we welcome you to join us in the Lion’s Den.

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Still not ready? It can be hard to invest in yourself and your future, especially in a world where it’s accepted to fix up the outside while the inside is falling apart. Put on your mask and keep it moving is the never-ending theme song. No one will notice, right? I notice. Let’s look at some excuses I hear so often as a coach. We hope that it will put your mind at ease.

Excuse 1: I don’t have anyone to watch my children or I don’t like to drive at night.

  • Good. Training will be in the comforts of your home via zoom and your weekends remain free..

Excuse 2: I don’t have the money.

  • The cost of this training is two about 2 cups of coffee from your favorite coffee shop or one meal out.

Excuse 3: I don’t like technology

  • Zoom can be accessed from your smartphone, laptop, or iPad. Google it or email me and we will do a test before the call.

Excuse 4: I’m too busy

  • Do you really want to be in this place next year this time?

When rough situations come, stop saying, “Why me?”
Just say “Try me!”
Let me hear your “ROAR!”