What is a Wellness Healer?
A Wellness Healer is a wellness guru that deals with the present and future of an individual. We are not in therapy so we do not examine the past unless I am working on the inner healing that is needed to move forward.  Mainly, the focus is on creating your future.  We recognize your skills and goals, refocus your goals, and move past challenges that stand in the way of those goals.  While many just focus on weight loss or stress management, I go a little deeper.  Sometimes, in order to completely move forward, there has to be inner healing taking place.  I not only help with weight loss, but I help break addictions.   I am here to help you reclaim your life around your wellness and empower you to change your health and total life. We work on an individual or group basis and work together to take significant integrative steps that lead to a healthier you. I encourage individuals to address their health and wellness issues and as needed make changes to improve their overall health. We set goals, identify potential obstacles to change and use personal support systems. This is a partnership, focusing on health status and outcome goals which are defined by both of us. I will help you develop a deeper understanding of the food and lifestyle choices that work best for you and help implement changes that improve your energy, balance and health. I could lead you through exercises or give you a specific diet to follow, but I rather take it a step further and help you develop fitness and nutrition goals that are meaningful and self-motivating for you and help you integrate them into your life in sustainable ways. We will custom create a plan that fits you personally. I make recommendations but I don’t ever tell someone how they should eat or live. My role is to guide you to the next level. Whether you want to lose weight and get fit, lower your stress, better manage a painful chronic condition or just take better care of yourself, I will support you in a creating meaningful and lasting change.

Why should I choose you over other consultants or trainers?
The effectiveness of working with me is in the power of being asked where you want to go with your wellness, why it matters to you, and in the holistic support that helps you translate your vision into specific and personally meaningful goals.
Because I do training in a holistic in nature, it almost acts like a bridge between therapy and fitness or nutrition work. There will always be mental, emotional and physical aspects to embracing changes in your health and well-being. I can support you wholly as you take on your life.
It is very important to note that training is not meant to be or replace therapy. I work with people who are already doing some things well in their lives, who are interested in developing areas where they don’t feel strong or those who just don’t know where to start and get you going in the right direction. Clients, who are also struggling with deeper and more complex issues in their lives, may find that working with a psychotherapist simultaneously or prior to working with me, is an important and empowering choice.

How much time will wellness guidance take?
The time you devote to wellness guidance is entirely at your discretion. Communication will be as often as needed and will be determined on an individual basis. Communication may occur every day, just once per week, or even less whether it is by email, journal or a combination of both. If you want to spend more time learning about your challenge and your solutions then your time will be well spent
I have found that three months is an ideal time frame for working with the consistent support of a consultant to experience trans-formative goal setting and lifestyle changes. The combination of commitment, ups, downs, and obstacles you learn to handle over that time period, allows you to experience growth and enables you to begin seeing a real and sustainable difference in how you live your life.
You may feel confident and in the flow enough to continue on your own making the new changes and strategies you’ve created part of your everyday life.  You may also enjoy an opportunity to check back in with me once or twice a year going forward to keep your vision and goals in perspective.
Or alternatively, you might find an additional 3 or 6 months of less frequent support valuable – something that enables you to change from intensive weekly support toward a once a month check-in to help you integrate and sustain your changes over time.
Whatever your time frame choice, the commitment we both bring to the collaborative effort of focusing on growing, transforming and loving your life is valuable time spent!

Will my wellness training sessions be in person or over phone? 
The initial contact from me will be by phone and will be used to establish the holistic training sessions. We will determine if the wellness sessions will be in person, by phone, Skype or wherever we both feel comfortable. My online training allows clients to become more aware in holistic living from anywhere in the world. Clients receive a customized evaluation that takes into account 360 degrees of their lifestyle; from beliefs, pattern of emotions, nutrition, fitness, career, family, etc. I will then custom tailor your sessions starting with the information that will benefit you most first or what’s most important to you. The online program allows for maximum access and flexibility, so you can balance your education with your busy lifestyle. No matter where we have our sessions, you’ll start to reap the benefits of it right away in a lasting manner.

Do I have to have a serious health issue to benefit from a wellness coach?
No. We know that no two people are exactly the same and your health status may vary from day to day. I help you to assess your level of health and well-being and to work on the issues at hand. I will provide the human touch to motivate you toward setting and achieving your goals through a personalized plan of action. However, if you do have a serious health issue, your I can help guide you in the right direction. I am not here to replace any existing healthcare professionals but to complement them. I am not a medical doctor or a licensed psychologist so I am not qualified to diagnose, treat or cure mental or physical illness or disease. I support clients in taking greater agency in their own self-care and self-healing by developing a more holistic relationship to their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

What are you qualified to tell me? Can you tell me more about your certification?
Unfortunately, anyone can call themselves a wellness coach at this time. There are no standards or requirements for training or certification. However, I am receiving my BA Complementary and Alternative Health. I am a Certified Weight Loss and Wellness Coach. I have studied over 50 dietary theories. I have also studied different ways of being healthy without taking prescriptions and starving yourself. My education is equipping me with extensive knowledge in holistic health, health coaching and preventive health. This allows me to work with clients to help them make lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results. It is my passion to learn about holistic health, and put it to use in my personal life and to the benefit of the people I coach and consult. 

I’m not sure if a wellness healer is right for me. How do I decide?
Having a Wellness Healer is great for anyone ready and inspired to make changes in their life but unsure of how to get started. I take the time to listen to your unique concerns and help you identify goals, strategies and solutions that work for you. There is no “one size fits all” approach to health. If you would like someone to provide support, guidance and motivation that can help you achieve personal health and lifestyle goals, you will benefit from your relationship with me. If you aren’t ready to commit to taking action and moving outside of your comfort zone, then we probably are not the right fit for each other. If you have no respect for my time or your own time, then we will not be the right fit. 

What types of people do you work with?
I specialize in helping individuals looking to accomplish any or all of the following – exercising, weight loss, increasing energy levels, curbing cravings and hunger, reducing stress, decreasing intake of processed foods, living a more whole & balanced life, direction on where they would like to go in life, changing mindset, getting their spirit life in line.

I don’t really want to focus on my health and am only interested in losing weight. Is your program right for me? 
 Probably not because I normally only take clients who are interested in losing weight and changing their life within the context of achieving a higher level of health and wellness. I do not look at “diets” but total lifestyle changes. 

How do you support your clients? 
As a Wellness Healer, my main focus is to help you to achieve your goals and desires. I rejoice in your accomplishments as if they were my own. I will partner with and support you to create and re-create your life.
An empowering process I use in training or guiding a person is Enlighten Quest, which focuses on and understands what is working, rather than what is not working in a situation. We understand our present situation and seek to discover what will make life better than it is presently.
Enlighten means greater (spiritual) knowledge, understanding and insight, impart knowledge to, to free from ignorance or prejudice, to give revelation to
Quest means a search or pursuit made in order to find or obtain something. To pursue, a journey or mission, a goal or target
Enlighten Quest taps into the rich and stimulating idea where what was once believed was impossible is now manifested. We access of our untapped resources within to expose the potential of who we are and what we desire in our life. My part as your guide is to simplify your possibilities, to access the untapped wealth of your life and help you to manifest the possibilities of what your goals and desires are. 

Who do you train and what do you consult on?  
I work with individuals or groups who have a strong desire to change, who will commit to taking action towards their physical, emotional, and mental health, and who are ready to step into an empowered role with regards to their own health to maximize their life.
When requested, some topics I offer consultation on include: cultivating mind-body harmony, healing, emotional eating, self-care and personal growth, meditation, yoga, diet, nutrition, and fitness. 

What is your approach in doing Holistic Wellness Guiding?  
A good guide or consultant will both challenge you and support your growth process. As you come up against success and failure, we’ll investigate what happened and revise your strategies and plans. Along the way, I offer an emphatic ear, tough love, and a unique series of tools that will make sure you will have a lasting change. 

What is the different between training and consulting or counseling? 
  A consultant or counselor offers an expert opinion in their field, essentially providing advice and information. Consulting is a process of assisted transformation and are expected to give advice. Coaches prefer to support their clients in finding their own answers and taking action to transform their lives. As a Lifestyle Wellness Coach, I do both.  I may offer consulting services as well coaching depending upon the needs of the client and what is requested.  But I will always encourage them to find their own answers first.

What if I have to reschedule a session?
 I have a 12 hour cancellation policy (i.e. the night before).
Canceled appointments in a package must be rescheduled for the same week or the following week. .
Exceptions may be made in the rare case of genuine emergency: car accident, sudden serious illness etc…
If you know in advance that you will be traveling for an extended period, just let me know ahead of time and we will work something out.
Can I sample your consulting before I hire you?
Yes, I encourage you to do just that! I offer a Complimentary Wellness Session so that not only can you get all your specific questions answered about what I do, but you can spend some time with me and experience a little of what my consulting and training is like. It’s a no obligation 30-minute phone call to help you decide whether Holistic Wellness Consulting with me is right for you. 

What is your email policy?
Basic valid emails are expected in a consultant/training partnership, and I will sometimes encourage my clients to send me email updates as they accomplish their goals. For addressing deeper concerns, clients can expect one in-depth email response per session, as needed. 

I’m broke. Can you help me? 
A limited number of sliding scale packages are available for clients who can demonstrate financial need. Please contact me and tell me a bit about your situation.